Affichage des articles du 2005

Montmartre on sunday

once again a scene of the underground life

No, this blog hasn't died yet

Couverture Social-Traître #1 | Cover for Social-Traître #1

life goes on after a rude day

anywhere but in the subway

comfortably Thomas

spying on the great nowhere

line 13 Chatillon --> Asnière-Gennevilliers

nation --> porte Dauphine, Paris line 2

the reader

punks like to drink beer within underground trains

What are they saying ? I forgot...

Since I do belong to the active part of population, I daily use common transportations

Who does like being disturbed while eating ?

tube station

beer please


coffee machine


waiting for the train

german tourists

definitively, this blog is related to the life into parisian cafés

the friends

lunch time


some old stuff, no time to draw these days

an attempt to use pastel sticks

Cell phone, she left him, pitty ?

Anxious ? No, just waiting for the tv-lottery results.

this one was facing the girl from yesterday

Well, if I remember well that one was sketched last summer, in a café once again

again in a bar, don't think I spend my whole life in there

between observation and imagination in the metro

scene in a bar

Ubahn le chien